Five-O Deluxe App Reviews

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Great game but needs update

I love this game on my iPad so I got it for my Mac, too. It’s great, but would need an update so it supports new OS features as well. Such as resizable window, and being able to play the game full screen. Implementing the “Hint” feature, as on iOS, would also be nice. Otherwise it’s just as good as playing it on the iPad.

Needs update

opens sticking off the bottom of the screen. Can’t resize.

Five-O Deluxe

I really like the challenge of the numbers vs trying to conjur up words for Scrabble. Limiting the runs to five tiles makes this more challenging. Displaying the number of tiles left is helpful, especially as you get near the end. It would be helpful to know how many there are of each numbered tile at the beginning (not as your playing) so one could keep track of potential plays.

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